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Will Paoletto

Yes, you read that right -- $30,000! Back in its heyday, I was pulling in an average income of $3,000 a month while working only 2 hours a week. Not too shabby, huh? I mean, whoever said there wasn't some serious money to be made in the blogosphere?

Since Blogwas essentially my first major

online marketing project, the fact that it proved so successful to the point of me selling it off completely has left me with a blank slate of what I'd like to do next.

Thankfully for you (and me since I'd seriously go insane if I didn't have something to pour my efforts and soul into 24-7), I'm just a super kind, nice and caring guy. A guy who thought it'd be nice – not to mention mutually beneficial – for me to outline exactly how I built my blog into a juggernaut. You know, how I went from making next-to-nothing with it to averaging around $3K a month in profits to ultimately flipping and selling it off completely for $30K.

And that was in just under two year's worth of work. Whoever tells you that making money blogging is a long-term penny-pinching game has obviously never taken a step back and thought about the multitude of different ways that blogs (and websites in general) can be monetized. They tucked tail and ran before they ever realized the true money-making potential of this thing.

Seriously, if I can do it, anyone can do it.

And when you throw in my simple, easy-as-pie guide that stays with you step-by-step throughout the whole proces's well, let's just say that it's exactly what you'll need to replicate my own success with your own blogs and websites. Just be sure to follow the direction I take you and you'll be good to go!

I'm not going to sit here and talk about how much of a no-brainer this is for 59,000 words like some other sales pages are known to do. But seriously -- this really is a no-brainer. I mean, it's certainly not rocket science -- that's for sure!

Perhaps the most important part to of all of this is that I've been there and done that and have the screenshots, video proof and experienced, veteran knowhow to prove and back it up. Guaranteed or your money back. It's as simple as that!





Let's face it... a lot of the people behind many of the making money online systems you see today either have absolutely no idea what in the frigging world they’re talking about, or they're simply out to scam your pants off and laugh all the way to the bank while clutching your credit card number in hand. They push either a dastardly mixture of snake-charmingly appealing balderdash or completely fluffed-up nonsense. The worst of the bunch combine the two.

For most of you, simply using some good old-fashioned common sense and going with your gut is usually more than enough to distinguish scammy, inauthentic systems from legitimate advice. Identifying who has systems or products that can actually teach you something valuable, and actually try to teach you a skill instead of just balling on and on about absolute nonsense, should be quite easy.

The Meat and Potatoes of the BlogMaster Blueprint System

Here is exactly what I’m going to be teaching you with my system. Let’s take a quick look at the table of contents for the main e-book used in the course, shall we? In no particular order (as far as you know!):



It’s important to note, though, that we’re going to be looking at all of the potential ways you can monetize your blog – whether this is from making money with it in the long-term via sponsored ads or contextual advertising, or alternatively steering your entire marketing plan towards eventually flipping your blog like I did with

We’ll be taking a look at just how crucial branding your blog is in the early-going, as well as how to scale that brand into bigger and better things – both from a popularity standpoint and (subsequently) from a monetization standpoint.

What others are saying about the BlogMaster Blueprint





The ball, as they say is in your court now champ!

Like I said before, this isn’t rocket science. But if you’re interested in learning a tried and true method to actually making legitimately serious amounts of money via blogging, then you’d be hard-pressed to find a more useful, educational and entertaining system than my Blogmaster Blueprint.

In the end, it’s up to you, but I trust you’ll make the right decision. And I certainly look forward to working with you!

Speak soon,

Will Paoletto
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